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Oral glass coagulation helps the human body

Eyes are no longer dry and afraid of light

"Hyaluronic acid" can reduce dry eyes and discomfort, moisture eyes and efficiently improve eye fatigue and eye dryness. Cybraian is no longer afraid of the eye problems caused by work needs.

Keeping the skin tender and elastic

Oral hyaluronic acid can increase the water inside skin cells through hyaluronic acid located in the body dermal layer and efficiently reduce the occurrence of crizzle. Thereby preventing skin aging and improvement in advance and supplying water to skin. Therefore, user can gradually restore the young skin compact with tender.

Do you have the following symtoms?

1. Older than 40 years old

2. Experience stiffness for greater than 30 minutes in the morning

3. Join movement with “KaKa” click sound

4. X-ray inspection shows bone spur, joint cavity narrowing

3 Golden Law

Using continuously for 21 days in 3 weeks

Significant effect in 3 parts

Quantity can be reduced after taking 3 boxes

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The importance of hyaluronic acid to the human body

Hyaluronic acid is mainly present in human skin and synovial fluid responsible for storing water and lubricating joint.
Human body contains an average of 15 grams of hyaluronic acid and
one gram of hyaluronic acid effectively locked a thousand times the water.
Hyaluronic acid will lose rapidly with age.

18 years old

30 years old

50 years old

60 years old
30% or below

With the increase in age, the amount of HA in the body gradually lost resulting in insufficient content of hyaluronic acid and ageing


with stiff feeling, “KaKa” click sound, painfulness


dry, sensitive, wrinkle


dry, sense of rustling, sense of stinging

Hyaluronic acid VS Glucosamine
Glucosamine in the body will composite hyaluronic acid through hyperplasia
but people due to age will lack of regeneration of hyperplasia.

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